BOL vase is designed by a Finnish emerging glass designer Minna Kemppainen. Bol is handmade in Finland and all pieces are unique. Delivery to Finland free. Young Finnish Design
bol lasimaljakko on nuoren muotoilijan Minna Kemppaisen suunnittelema. Jokainen bol vaasi on uniikki ja ne on tehty käsin Suomessa Nuutajärvellä. Young Finnish Design. Suomeen ilmainen toimitus
bol glass vase design from finland and made in finland. Design by Young Finnish Designer Minna Kemppainen. Handmade in Nuutajärvi Finland. Al pieces are unique
Bol lasi maljakko on nuoren suomalaisen muotoilijan Minna Kemppainen suunnittelema. Maljakko tehdään käsin Suomessa nuutajärvellä. Bol vaasi on yksi young finnish design n ensimmäisistä tuotteista
nouseva suomalainen suunnittelija minna kemppainen hänen suunnitteleman lasi maljakon bol in kanssa. kuvaaja esa kapila. bol vaasi on yksi young finnish design agentuurin ensimmäisistä tuotteista
bol vase close up photo. designer young finnish designer minna kemppainen. made in finland design from finland. young finnish design agency
young finnish design agency betters emerging designers´chances to find work in the field of design. in the image minna kemppainen and her design bol vase which is made by hand in finland.


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    BOL VASE by Minna Kemppainen

    Prize product of International Watercolor Society 2019 and Idrottsgalan 2020 & 2022

    Design from Finland
    Handmade in Finland

    BOL vase is handmade in Finland, in Nuutajärvi. All pieces are signed by the designer Minna Kemppainen herself. When the product is handmade it means, that all the pieces are slightly different from each other but they are made according to the designer´s standards
    "I was inspired by strong lines and geometric shapes. I wanted to create something clear and simple, minimalist even. So, simple shapes were combined together and then I added some of my boldness. BOL vase is unique and gets your attention."
    -Minna Kemppainen, Young Finnish Designer

    Product information
    Material: glass
    height: 30 cm
    widest part 14 cm
    width of the bottom: 12 cm 
    The thickness of the glass differs from 5mm - 9mm since and all the pieces are unique and handmade by a professional.

    Shipping information

    -Free shipping in Finland
    -Shipping time: 2-4 working days in Finland, 4-6 working days to other European countries
    -If you wish to order a product but your country is not on our shipping list at the checkout, please contact us at and we will arrange a custom shipping for you.
    Photos by Esa Kapila