Young Finnish Designer Portfolio connects designers and manufacturers. YFD represents designers to companies´key people.

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We aim to offer new tools for young designers to push their designs to manufacturing and markets!
— Elisa Luoto & Heidi Maria Huovinen, Co-founders & Designers

>We have gathered all questions and answers regarding our service here

Why you should apply to Young Finnish Designer Portfolio?

-We are looking for furniture, lighting, ceramic, glass and textile designers for our Young Finnish Designer Portfolio. This is a second pilot of our service and it lasts for 6 months. During the service Young Finnish Design represents the designers to manufacturers in Finland and abroad. The aim of the service is to better your chances to find companies to cooperate with!

-When you are curated to Young Finnish Designer Portfolio you are validated by experienced professionals of the Finnish design field. Habitare´s Creative Director Laura Sarvilinna and Petteri Kolinen, CEO of Design Forum Finland are curating the Designer Portfolio together with the Young Finnish Design team!

-You will be represented as a professional designer to manufacturers´ and design brands´ key people.

-We will do sales and marketing for you, which means more time left for your design work.

-You will more likely get an audience when you are represented by Young Finnish Design than on your own. Young designers have brought it up that as a young and nameless designer it is quite difficult to get a meeting with manufacturers. 

-You get personalized career guidance, in which we focus on your designer brand development / developing your company.

-A well known and acknowledged Finnish manufacturer Piiroinen forwards your career with the sales work they do to find public space projects for you. Public space projects offer a chance for young designers to design new furniture solutions for public spaces. Young Finnish Designers participate in the furniture design process and the furniture will be manufactured in Piiroinen factory in Salo. 

-Application is non-binding!

-Begin to forward your career right NOW! (Because the best day to begin was yesterday and therefore the second best day is today!)


"Visioning the opportunities between young forces and established manufacturers, Young Finnish Design is introducing revolutionary possibilities to the Finnish design scene."
-Young Finnish Designer Yi-Chiao Tien, Aalto University

Content of the service

Length of the service
6 months January 2021-June 2021

Price of the service
150 € / month (inc. vat.)
900 € / 6 months (inc. vat.)

The due dates for the payments are :
31.1.2021 amount 300,00€ (inc. vat.)
31.3.2021 amount 300,00€ (inc. vat.)
31.5.2021 amount 300,00€ (inc. vat.)

*Remember that if you have a company or if you are a freelancer you can deduct 24% of this amount in your taxes. It´s not about how much you get but how much you can deduct in taxes! 

Aims of the service
The aim of the service is to create collaboration between designers and manufacturers. We represent the designer, her/his work and skills to manufacturers in meetings and through marketing. We do sales and marketing for the designer, which means more time left for the designer to do design work. The service aims to introduce you and your work to companies so that they would know who you are as a designer and what your strengths are.

Did you know that after our first Pilot (which lasted only for 3 months) 2 designers out of 10 forwarded their designs to manufacturing. Waddup!

What does the service include?

How Young Finnish Design is forwarding your career?

Young Finnish Design represents the designer and her/his portfolio during the service period (6 months). This means that Young Finnish Design represents the designer´s portfolio to manufacturers in Finland and abroad. The goal of the service is to better your chances to find companies to cooperate with by contacting manufacturers to arrange a meeting (face to face or an online meeting) where we introduce you and your portfolio highlighting your assets. The aim is to forward a product idea which is already designed and belongs to the designer´s portfolio to a manufacturer´s collection or/and receive a new assignment from the manufacturer directed to the designer who will design a new product based on the manufacturer´s needs.

Which companies we connect during the service period?

At the moment we are collaborating with companies such as Piiroinen, Pohjanmaan Kaluste and Vesalainen. During the service period we are contacting mostly Finnish companies (80%), and in addition international companies mostly in the Nordics (20%). We are contacting for example these following companies Nikari, Lundia, Artek, Martela, Sessak, Valaisin Grönlund, Isku, Hakola, Fiskars/Iittala, Pentik, Vallila, Finlayson, Marimekko, Takt Copenhagen, Northern, Hay, Muuto, Alessi ja Artek/Vitra amongst others. On a monthly basis we are contacting at least 10 companies. We aim to arrange factory visits during the service period, but we take into account the Pandemic situation.

Why sales work is relevant?

We offer you a chance of an audience to key people in manufacturing companies. Young designers have highlighted that arranging a meeting with companies´ key people has been especially difficult. Without an agent or a manager who is representing the designer to manufacturers and design brands, the manufacturers and brands might not know much or at all about the nameless designer, or about his/her strengths, and therefore cooperation between a young designer and a company can be prevented.

When you are part of Young Finnish Designer Portfolio we will represent you as a considerable designer in our meetings with companies. In the meetings we show your portfolio to the manufacturers and hear about their comments regarding your work. We will compose a report of the manufacturer ́s comments after each meeting. We will send the report to you in one month (the latest) after the meeting.


We will market you in our marketing channels to increase your visibility and chances to be noticed by manufacturing companies and design brands. All the designers in our portfolio will also be added to our website. Our main marketing channel is Instagram but we are also active on FaceBook and LinkedIn and we write press releases about our designers. We market the designer and her/his unique talents on our media channels at least once a month. 

Help in planning your career goals

We want to help you to plan your career and it ́s aims. Have you already thought about what your aims are for your career? What is your dream?

We meet with the designers in our Portfolio once every 2 months online (due to corona) and have a 1 hour meeting with each of them. In the meeting we discuss about her/his career goals and concrete actions he/she can do to forward her/his career her/himself. Our aim is to provide you help in achieving your goals. For us it is important to know what you want to achieve so that we would be able to provide you service that you need right now in your career. At Young Finnish Design we believe that designers can forward their career by doing the things we do for them in the service we provide for them. This is why we want to share the knowledge we have learnt about entrepreneurship and cooperation with manufacturers with the designers.

Help in agreement negotiations

Young Finnish Design will take care of agreement negotiations with manufacturers and aims to negotiate as good agreements as possible so that product ideas would be forwarded to manufacturing and to markets. In the agreement negotiations we will use agreement models that are based on the agreement models written by Ornamo ry - Design Society in Finland taking care of designers´ interests. We aim to make the agreement and product development process as tempting and motivating as possible for both designers and manufacturers.

Cooperation with

We cooperate with and during our service you will get a discount of their invoicing services!

Communication between the designer and Young Finnish Design

For us communication is the foundation for our service. We arrange regular video meetings with our designers and will have open discussion and communication with them to be able to provide them great service. We hope that also you are active so that we would be able to provide you a good experience.
You can be part of the service even if you are working or studying full time. We will adjust our service according to your situation and schedule. We are here to help designers to go forward!

In short, we want manufacturers to know who you are, what are your skills and how to find you!

This is how you can apply to Young Finnish Designer Portfolio

You can apply until 6.1.2021

What materials to submit
To apply, send us your portfolio, CV, contact information and a short motivation letter to Your portfolio may be in the form of a PDF or a link to your website or an Instagram profile. If your portfolio is a website or Instagram profile, please mention this as clearly as possible: make a separate PDF, name it Portfolio_your name, and write your website address or your Instagram profile name to the otherwise blank sheet. In addition to these materials, please mention your Instagram-account also among your contact information. If it is possbile, please reduce your file size and send it through Wetransfer. Here´s a link

*A tip : don´t get too much stuck on the appearance of your portfolio, website etc. If your portfolio is your instagram account, that is perfectly fine too. For us it is important, that we get a good idea of your design style and your strengths. It would also be preferable that you have more product ideas in your portfolio than less. 

We hope that in your motivation letter you explain why you are a good fit for our designer-portfolio.

Who can apply?
The portfolio is for designers who are studying or have studied design in Finland. The portfolio is also for exchange students who have studied or are currently studying design in Finland. We have no age limit! By 'Young designer' we refer to a designer who is in the beginning stage of her/his career.

Application is non-binding
Remember that your application is non-binding, meaning that we will make a contract separately with each designer after the curating process. So even if you would be selected to our portfolio, you are not obligated to begin in our service.
After the curating process we will give to all applicants comments about their portfolios. This can help you to develop your portfolio further! : )

Who is curating and what we are looking for?

We are excited to announce that Laura Sarvilinna, the Creative Director for Habitare fair and Petteri Kolinen CEO of Design Forum Finland will take part in the curating process together with the Young Finnish Design cofounders Elisa Luoto and Heidi Maria Huovinen. In the curating process we will emphasize on a bigger picture. We are looking for designers who have a strong personal design style, who actively forward their design career and who´s objective is to employ themselves and build a career as a designer. We are mainly looking for designers who are in the beginning of their career and who have a few designs in production or have none. But don´t stress about this, the aim of the service is to better your chances to find manufacturers to cooperate with.

Need a little bit more information?

We have gathered all questions and answers regarding our service here
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"Heidi and Elisa from YFD are clearly well connected with various kind of design manufactures and agencies. They have great amount of relevant followers in social media as well. It is a privilege to be seen in their contacts."
-Young Finnish Designer Juho Rohila, University of Lapland