new materials new design design competition winners have been selected and the winners are jenna siira eero brandt and ruut laukkanen, congratulations

New materials, New designs -design competition winners have been selected!

And the winners are:

Niimaar: Eero Brandt - Zero waste pants
Jenna Siira - Taitos chair
A. Vesalainen:
Jenna Siira - Luggi -movable furniture
Ruut Laukkanen - Linjat

Honorary awards

Bianca Byggmästar
Anna-Mari Vierikko

Annukka Mäntynen
Kirsi Mantua-Kommonen
Anna Kokki

Sebastian Högnabba
Tuulikki Peltonen

A. Vesalainen:
Marjut Nousiainen
Tomi Laukkanen


Congratulations to all winners! Competition prizes are sponsored by OP-Henkivakuutus Oy and Nivalan Kaupunki. Check out comments from each company below


A.Vesalainen :

"The idea in folding a chair is brilliant! This proposal is a great solution for home offices, where you have s small amount of space and you can just fold you office chair away! In this proposal the idea, concept and design was of high quality."

Lekolar :

"We are delighted to receive such large amount, of high-quality proposals! Each one of them has interesting elements in them. Luggi was chosen as the winner of the competition since it answers the brief very well. Luggi offers a mobile solution for studying in various places during a day and carries one’s belongings with ease. The use of innovative new materials from BrightPlus and Natural Indigo is taken into consideration and they fit very naturally to the new product. On top of this Luggi is a fun and quirky new product and thus fits very well into new learning environments."

Eero Brandt has won the Niimar competition. Niimaar took part in New materials, new designs competition. Young finnish design organized design competition in order to produce more sustainable products in cooperation with companies

Eero Brandt´s proposal 'Zero waste pants' won the Niimaar category!

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Jenna Siira is the winner of New materials, New designs design competition. jenna siira won both Lekolar and A. Vesalainen prizes. young finnish design organized new materials new designs competition together with natural indigo finland oy brightplus competition prizes are sponsored by op henkivakuutus and nivalan kaupunki

Jenna Siira won both Lekolar and A. Vesalainen prizes!

Annala :

"In this proposal we really liked the way the designer has captured the time, the proposal has a clear and clean design language. It really has that something we have been searching for for Annala´s collection! The proposal´s color combinations are bright and pleasant, ready and they really work. In addition to this the designer has already thought about Natural Indigo´s colors, which is a plus. Manufacturing the design will also provide many opportunities to modify the design to fit different purposes."


Niimaar :

"Edgy, stylish pair of pants that are fully designed for a zero waste lifestyle. Everything from material to the cut suits so well Niimaar's philosophy to combine design with waste and our important mission to reduce waste."


young designer from university of lapland  ruut joensuu won the annala category in new materials new designs design competition. the competition is organized by YFD young finnish design and the competition aims to push new and more sustainable products to markets

Ruut Laukkanen from University of Lapland won Annala´s category in New materials, New designs -design competition! Congrats Ruut!