Young Finnish Design Portfolio offer management service for emerging designers from Finland. We connect designers and furniture manufacturers and design brands. Q and A offers answers to your questions about our service and how to apply to our Designer Portfolio. Apply now


We have received many burning questions from young designers regarding our Designer Portfolio and the application process! 
Below you can find all the questions and answers! Don´t find an answer for your question? Contact us at

Young Finnish Design builds a bridge between young designers and manufacturers. We are two designers and we founded Young Finnish Design to offer new possibilities for designers to find work from the field of design in Finland
— Elisa Luoto & Heidi Maria Huovinen, Co-founders & Designers
Q & A
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Q: I think my portfolio isn´t ready enough to be shown to manufacturers, can I nevertheless apply to Young Finnish Designer Portfolio?
A: Many young designers are pondering if their portfolio is ready to be presented for manufacturers. If you are chosen to Young Finnish designer Portfolio you are ready! We encourage designers to concentrate in addition to developing their unique design style and portfolio, also in selling their design work/service and marketing their work. If you are still pondering if your portfolio is ready or not, apply to our Designer Portfolio! Application is non binding.

“Young Finnish Design brings out me and my skills just the right way. All contacts and visibility are necessary, so it´s awesome to be part of Young Finnish Designer Portfolio. When Young Finnish Design represents me I have more time for my design work."

-Young Finnish Designer Lassi Alestalo,
Aalto-yliopisto, Lahden Muotoiluinstituutti

Q: How much time does the service require from me per month? I work full-time or study full-time, can I still participate in the service?

A: Yes you can participate. Part of our designers are working full-time. The service includes the representing service equally for all the designers in our Designer Portfolio in any case. We provide independent tasks for designers and designers can choose which they will or won´t accomplish. We proceed with each designer with the tempo they find suitable regarding personal coaching. If or when cooperation is generated between the designer and a manufacturer, the schedule will be arranged together with the designer and manufacturer. Manufacturer x YFD design competition schedule will also be arranged so that as many designers as possible from the Designer Portfolio are able to participate.

Q: If I am being represented to manufacturers by Young Finnish Design does the non-compete term apply to me, or can I agree about cooperation with manufacturers independently without Young Finnish Design?

A: The non-compete term doesn´t apply to Young Finnish Designers per se. If Young Finnish Design has represented you and your portfolio to x manufacturer and cooperation is generated with the x manufacturer, in this case Young Finnish Design is in charge of the cooperation with the x manufacturer and therefore also makes the contract with the x manufacturer. We will go through a list of manufacturers with the designers in our Designer Portfolio to avoid overlapping. The non-compete term might apply when a designer cooperates with a manufacturer who´s term is that the designer wouldn´t work for competitors. In these cases, this will be agreed together with the designer.

I don´t have a design education, can I apply to Young Finnish Designer Portfolio?

A: We accept applicants who have a degree from a design school in Finland. You can still be in school or already graduated.


Q: I have a design degree from outside of Finland, can I apply to Young Finnish Designer Portfolio?

A: We accept applicants who have a design degree from a Finnish design school and we also accept designers who have studied or are studying as an exchange student design in a Finnish design school.


Q: Is there an age limit?

A: By the word ‘young’ we don´t refer to age, but to the new Finnish designer generation. We don´t have an age limit. By the word ‘young’ we mean a designer who is in the beginning stage of their career. 

Q: Can I pay the service fee as separate payments?

A: Yes, you can pay the fee in three separate payments.

The due dates for the payments are :

31.1.2021 amount 300,00€ (inc. vat.)
31.3.2021 amount 300,00€ (inc. vat.)
31.5.2021 amount 300,00€ (inc. vat.)

You can also pay the whole amount all at once or negotiate about paying it in smaller payments. Contact Elisa Luoto to negotiate:

Q: Can I participate in the service 3 months at a time?

A: Unfortunately this is not possible because we want to be equal towards all the designers in our Portfolio.


Q: I live abroad, can I apply to the Young Finnish Designer Portfolio.

A: Yes you can, 2 of our designers are currently living abroad.


Q: 150 € per month is expensive. What do I receive in exchange?

A: We understand that each applicant should also carefully consider their own ability to pay. 

Each month our service includes the following:

-we contact a minimum of 10 manufacturers each month. This means 15€ / manufacturer.

-if contacting results into a meeting, we will manage the meetings as well with the manufacturers. 

-minimum of 1 post to Instagram

-minimum of 5 stories to Instagram

-1 e-meeting per 2 months between the designer and YFD-team. 1 hour (30 minutes / 1 month)
-4 tasks for designers to execute independently. The tasks encourage you to market yourself more actively and they also offer marketing material for Young Finnish Design about you and your career.

-Finnish furniture manufacturer Piiroinen forwards your career as well by the sales work their company does for Piiroinen x Young Finnish Design cooperation. Piiroinen is a well known and acknowledged manufacturer who focuses on furnishing public spaces. Piiroinen has recently been awarded with Design From Finland´s Design Deed 2020 -award. They have for example implemented the auditorium for Olympic Stadium in Helsinki (over 36 000 chairs), multiple public space projects in Russia, Finland, Domus Media University in Oslo, Norway, Århus Music house in Denmark, Kolding Kopmandskole in Denmark.. more information about the projects Piiroinen has done you can find here.

-If cooperation is generated between a designer and a manufacturer, we will also negotiate the contracts for you (in cooperation with you).

Q: You offer more personal coaching during your service, what does this mean?

A: We meet with the designers in our Portfolio once every 2 months online (due to corona) and have a 1 hour meeting with each of them. In the meeting there is Elisa Luoto and Heidi Maria Huovinen and the designer. In the meeting we discuss about her/his career goals and concrete actions he/she can do to forward her/his career her/himself. At Young Finnish Design we believe that designers can forward their career by doing the things we do for them in the service we provide for them. This is why we want to share the knowledge we have learnt about entrepreneurship and cooperation with manufacturers with the designers. Finding a company to cooperate with is not about luck, but about consistency and hard work! U can do it!

Q: What does negotiating agreements on behalf of a designer mean?

A: When cooperation is generated with a manufacturer (initiated by Young Finnish Design) we negotiate agreements on your behalf. We use Ornamo´s agreement as a basis for the agreement. We discuss with the designer and the manufacturer about the agreement so that the end result would be as satisfying as possible for each party. Agreements are made between designer, manufacturer and Young Finnish Design.

Q: You cooperate with Finnish furniture manufacturer Piiroinen, what does this cooperation mean and how could I benefit as a designer from it?

A: Piironen x Young Finnish Design® cooperation offers new furniture solutions by young Finnish designers for public space projects. Together with Piiroinen we search for public space projects and offer for interior architects-, designers and architects new furniture solutions together. All furniture generated through this cooperation will be made in Piiroinen´s factory in Salo. Cooperation with Piiroinen offers designers a chance to be part of public space projects and therefore also find work from the field of design which matches with their education. So in addition to Young Finnish Design also Piiroinen is searching for projects for you! Piiroinen has been part of many big public projects for example Olympic Stadium in Helsinki (over 36 000 chairs), projects in Russia, Denmark, Norway.. find more information about their projects here. Many known Finnish designers have designed for Piiroinen for example Tapio Anttila, Pasi Paakki, Tuula Falk, Pasi Pänkäläinen and many more. Through this cooperation with Piiroinen we offer support for your career which significantly enhances your possibilities to find work from the field of design! 

Q: What kind of cooperation can I get with a manufacturer when I am part of Young Finnish Designer Portfolio?

A: Our designers have cooperated with manufacturers by for example by designing new products for the manufacturer and their collections. Manufacturer can also be interested in a product idea in the designer´s portfolio and cooperation with a manufacturer can be generated this way as well. New product ideas can be offered for a manufacturer through a closed design competition which means that a design competition is arranged between a few or all the designers in the Designer Portfolio. The manufacturer can also choose one or more designers from our Designer Portfolio who she/he will give an assignment to.


Price of the service

6 month January - June 2021

Price of the service

150 € / month
900 € / 6 months

Detailed instructions how to apply you can find from here

Did you know that after our first service period 2 designers have forwarded their designs to manufacturing! The first service period lasted only for 3 months! 

Do you need more information about our service or how to apply?  

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"Visioning the opportunities between young forces and established manufacturers, Young Finnish Design is introducing revolutionary possibilities to the Finnish design scene."

-Young Finnish Designer Yi-Chiao Tien, Aalto-yliopisto