This is our story, hear us roar! We are 2 young Finnish designers Elisa Luoto & Heidi Maria Huovinen. We founded Young Finnish Design Oy to connect designers and manufacturers in order to bridge the gap between these two industries and to help them cooperate!

— Elisa Luoto & Heidi Maria Huovinen, Co-founders & Designers
From Designers to Designers!
We started our studies together year 2010 in Aalto University, one of the world´s best design schools in the whole world. We´ve known each other for 10 years! How amazing is that? As young furniture designers ourselves, back then we travelled to New York and London to design fairs and imagined building our career and becoming professional designers making an honest living. Well, not so simple. Becoming a designer who actually makes money of what she/he does, is not easy. I mean there are those great stories of designers who just ooze greatness and become super famous under a minute, BUT and this is a big but, many young designers are really struggling to move forward on their career, even though they are very talented. So, the path to becoming a professional designer and making a living is usually super long and rocky. Figuratively speaking; imagine a path in the dark woods, filled with unexpected pits and rocks, with rain, snow, and wolves.
We are very passionate about solving this problem and therefore really started to look into this a bit deeper and we noticed many obstacles on designers way when they are building their career. Of course we understand that building any career takes a lot of effort and hard work but what we are talking about here, is a bunch of super talented Finnish designers who go to the best design schools to graduate and start doing something else than what they were educated for. WHY?

We connect Designers & Manufacturers!

We have such great design talent and education here in Finland but where does it go? It does exist and it is special and something very, very cool! We know it and we are pretty sure that you know it too. Otherwise you probably wouldn´t be reading this. Our mission is to make those designer-stars shine a bit brighter so that they could be seen and noticed. We gather this bright talent in our portfolio and make it easier for manufacturers to find. We connect designers and manufacturers by offering the newest Finnish design talents to manufacturers and therefore we make it a bit easier for young designers to find those first companies to cooperate with and move forward on their career!

Collaboration to forward new Finnish design!

Collaboration is THE key in pushing new Finnish design forward. For us it is important that we collaborate with them who share our values and who are as eager as we are to push new Finnish design forward. Are you not a manufacturer but want to collaborate? All the players in the field are important; manufacturers, furniture stores, media, bloggers, believers, your role is valuable. We want to collaborate with you so that we can pave the way for new Finnish design-generation together!

From Designers to Designers,
Elisa & Heidi
Cofounders, Designers