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Designer, participate in 'In love with yarns & design' design competition!
This year VM Carpet is celebrating their 50 years anniversary! For the honor of the anniversary we are organizing a design competition targeted for young designers together with VM Carpet! The competition task is to design a new woven carpet for VM Carpet´s collection utilizing VM Carpet´s materials: wool yarn, paper yarn, wool and linen yarn, cotton weft or jute cord.

Competition time
12.1.2023 -31.5.2023

Main prize 2000€
2 x honorary awards

Get to know VM Carpet company




This is how you participate!

Designer, please ask for the competition materials via email from



Competition schedule

The competition starts on the 12.1.2023 and ends on the 31.5.2023. Three finalists will be selected at VM Carpet´s 50-year celebration party on 7-8.6 at the VM Carpets showroom in Lappajärvi. The winner will be selected at the Habitare fair in September 2023.


VM carpet is looking for new and innovative rug designs

In this competition VM Carpet is looking for new
and innovative rug designs!



Get to know VM Carpet´s key persons

Visiting the factory and online info:
Welcome to visit VM Carpet on 30.3.2023 in Lappajärvi!
Visitors will be offered transportation from Seinäjoki railway station at 11.00.
There will be lunch offered and after that the factory tour begins. Transportation to get back to Seinäjoki railway station is at 16.00.
Register for the factory visit latest on 25.3.2023 via email

Online Morning Coffee Info
16.2.2023 at 9 - 9.45

Come to hear more about the competition and manufacturing methods but also to get to know VM Carpet´s key persons. During the online event you may ask questions about the competition assignment. The online event will be organized in Google Meet. Register for the online event via email


Design a new rug design for VM Carpet and win!

The winner / winners will be chosen in Habitare fair 2023!



VM Carpet and young finnish design are organizing a design competition together which aims to find new designs for VM Carpet

Check out VM Carpet ´s products to get to know
the company and their products a bit better! Here´s a link


VM Carpet story

Arto and Aila Viita-aho founded a rug factory in 1973. The same friendly and honest yet innovative approach is still behind the manufacture of VM-Carpet’s rugs.

In 1975, Arto Viita-aho and his friend Harri Kujala decided to buy wefts for rugs from Sweden for their newly opened rug factory.

Thanks to his skills in Swedish, Harri Kujala got to place the calls. The first one was connected by the switchboard operator to the local police office. The next call ended up at a furniture store called Ikea. They had no wefts, but smooth talker Harri sold his first large order almost right there.

This is the road the company is still travelling. The same friendly and joyful yet careful, honest and innovative attitude is the drive behind VM-Carpet’s rugs even today.




Want to ask questions?

General questions regarding competition 

Questions regarding materials & manufacturing

Jaana Saarela
Export marketing at VM-Carpet Oy
Tel. +358 40 759 3434




Selecting and awarding winners!

20004 main prize
2 honorary awards


Selection principles
VM Carpet is in charge of selecting finalists and will choose the jury which chooses all the winners
Design competition proposals need to demonstrate high quality product design know-how


The competition proposals are evaluated especially on the following criteria
-design and design style
-durability and functionality of the product
-suitability for industrial production
-principles of sustainable development

-Make sure to consider the potential for commercial use and competitive pricing of the product



How the winners will be selected vm carpet is organizing in cooperation a design competition with young finnish design design office


Innovate new and outstanding designs for VM Carpet and win!




Competition rules

1 Organizers

Young Finnish Design Oy is organizing design competition in cooperation with VM Carpet.

2 Aim of the competition

The aim of the competition is to find competition proposals according to the competition assignment. The competition aims to find products that would suit for VM Carpet Oy manufacturing and collections.

3 Right to participate

In love with yarns and design - design competition is an open competition organized in Finland. Primarily the competition is targeted to designers who are in the beginning of their career despite their age. You may participate if you are studying or you have studied design in Finland including exchange students. The competition languages are both Finnish and English. You may participate as an individual or as a team. 

4 Selection principals

Awarded design competition proposal needs to demonstrate high quality product design know-how. The selection is based on how the proposal follows the assignment. The award committees are focusing on design, innovation in product design, manufacturing methods, material choices, durability of the product and clarity.

5 Exluding proposals & returning the proposals

Proposals will be excluded from the competition if they are delivered after the deadline or are not equivalent to the instructions of the competition program. Exclusion of proposals are decided by the award committees. Competition organizer will not return competition proposals. Competition organizer is committed to destroy the digital material of competition proposals after the competition has ended. Competition organizer has no right to utilize any competition material delivered by the participants without separate written agreement excluding the awarded competition proposals.

6 Awards & announcements 

Main prize is 2000€
2 honorary awards
Awards are paid through invoice for the winners one month after the results have been announced. Note that the award money is not tax free income for the designer. 

7 Utilization and immaterial property rights of the proposals

All immaterial property rights of the competition proposals belong to the designer/designers. In case there is a team participating in the competition, the persons in the team need to make a written agreement between each other about how the rights are divided between the team members. Participating company have the right to negotiate about utilization, manufacturing, marketing and sales rights of the competition proposals with the designer/designers and Young Finnish Design Oy. Negotiations need to take place within six months after the competition results have been announced.

Young Finnish Design Oy will negotiate agreements between participating company and designers in collaboration with designers. Young Finnish Design Oy has no right to negotiate agreements without designer´s consent. Young Finnish Design Oy is taking part in the agreement negotiations in order to make the negotiations effortless from both manufacturers´ and designers´ point of view. Participants assure that the proposal does not offend someone else´s rights according to the participants´ knowledge and is not a copy of any public design model. If the participant wants to protect his/her competition proposal, for example, with design model protection it is the participant´s responsibility to do so.

8 Agreement of manufacturing

Agreement negotiations of utilization of the awarded proposal will be held between designer/designers, the manufacturer taking part in the competition and Young Finnish Design Oy. Collaboration products will be named Customer x Young Finnish Design, designed by X-designer. The purpose of this is to highlight the value of collaboration in bringing new Finnish design to markets and the value of Finnish designers creating the future of Finnish design today.

9 Award commitee

Winners will be chosen by the jury chosen by the company participating in this competition.

10 Competition representative

Elisa Luoto, CEO of Young Finnish Design Oy operates as competition representative. The task of the competition representative is to gather the competition proposals for award committee and to answer inquiries concerning the competition. Nominated competition representative does not belong to the award committee and has no right to vote.

11 Competition program

The competition timetable, participation conduct, presentation requirements of the competition proposal(s), enrollment and award amounts of the competition are described in the competition program. 

12 Responsibility of proposals

The competition organizers are responsible for the safety of the competition proposals after receiving them. 

13 Assurance of familiarizing oneself with the competition program

By participating in the competition the contestant approves the competition rules, the competition program, and the terms and obligations of the competition and also confirms that he/she owns all rights concerning the competition proposal.

14 Disagreements

Possible disagreements will be solved in cooperation with the award committees