Young Finnish Designer Portfolio connects designers and manufacturers. YFD represents designers to companies´key people.

Want to become a Young Finnish Designer and forward your career professionally? Apply to YFD Portfolio NOW! 

We connect designers and manufacturers by representing designers and their work to companies. We also market designers in our channels in order to make them more visible to manufacturers and brands.
— Elisa Luoto & Heidi Maria Huovinen, Co-founders & Designers

Why you should apply to Young Finnish Designer Portfolio?

Do you actively market and sell your design work to manufacturers and brands? Do they know that you exist? Before cooperation between You and a manufacturer, companies need to know who you are and what you can offer for them. A key to successfully forwarding your design career is long-term commitment in representing yourself and your design work through marketing and sales work. 

One product idea can be enough to push your career forward!

About the service
We represent emerging designers´ work to companies actively every month. During the service Young Finnish Design represents the designers to manufacturers in Finland and abroad. The aim of the service is to better your chances to find companies to cooperate with. In addition to this we market designers and their work in our channels to enhance emerging designers´ visibility.

Who is it for?
We are looking for furniture, lighting, ceramic, glass, textile and industrial designers for our Young Finnish Designer Portfolio. 

We cooperate with for example Pohjanmaan Kaluste, Piiroinen, Annala, Lekolar, Fasetti, Halwest, Ovi- Hollola, A. Vesalainen, Kauan Decor and many others!
"Visioning the opportunities between young forces and established manufacturers, Young Finnish Design is introducing revolutionary possibilities to the Finnish design scene."
-Young Finnish Designer Yi-Chiao Tien, Aalto University



30€ / month (includes VAT 24%)

Graduated designers
50€ / month (includes VAT 24%)

Monthly payments

*Remember that if you are a freelancer and you have a company you are eligible to a tax deduction. It´s not how much money you spend, it´s how much you save!


About the service

We contact 10 companies / month
We contact 10 companies each month from every sector.
Sectors : furniture & lighting, ceramic & glass, industrial design, textile design

Monthly report
Report shows you with which companies we have been in contact with and in which stage the process is going with them

Contract negotiations
We will negotiate contracts with companies on behalf of the designer. We aim to negotiate the best contracts for you and we use Ornamo´s recommended contract as a base for negotiations.

Discount from -services
As a Young Finnish Designer you will receive a discount from -billing services.

Length of the service

6 months - from November 2021 to April 2022
After 6 months we make a new contract with the designers if they wish to continue in our service.

Terms of the service

-Young Finnish Design negotiates contracts on behalf of the designer. Designer is the one who decides to accept or turn down a contract. We use Ornamo´s  contract as a base for negotiations.
-YFD and designer share royalties and they are agreed on case by case
-designer is responsible of protecting her/his designs. We only represent product ideas 
we have a permission to from the designer.
-Cooperation products are named Company x Young Finnish Design, designer X, hopefully YOU!
-please share YFD posts on your own social media channels! Us young designers can conquer the world together!

How you can apply?

17.9 - 27.10

What to add to your application?
Send us your portfolio or a brief presentation of your product idea.
You can apply with only one product idea or many, the price is the same!
Portfolio / presentation in PDF format
Name the file Portfolio_yourname
Please send it through Wetransfer to

Can I apply? 
Young Finnish Designer Portfolio is for designers who are studying design in Finnish design schools and for graduated designers.

We notify all applicants personally 29.10 of the results
We accept designers who´s product ideas are presented in an understandable way. It is important that you present your ideas so that also the manufacturers would be able to understand them!


Need more information?

Can´t find an answer to your question? Email us at
or call Heidi +358 40 590 388 9


"Heidi and Elisa from YFD are clearly well connected with various kind of design manufactures and agencies. They have great amount of relevant followers in social media as well. It is a privilege to be seen in their contacts."
-Young Finnish Designer Juho Rohila, University of Lapland