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Looking for talented emerging designers for our portfolio!
Apply before 6.1.2021!

We are looking for furniture, lighting, ceramic, glass and textile designers for our Young Finnish Designer Portfolio. This is a second pilot of our service and it lasts for 6 months. During the service Young Finnish Design represents the designers to manufacturers in Finland and abroad. The aim of the service is to better your chances to find companies to cooperate with! 

Young Finnish Design builds a bridge between Finnish designers and manufacturers. We are two designers and we founded Young Finnish Design to forward new Finnish design. Our aim is to offer new tools for young designers to push their designs to manufacturing and markets!
— Elisa Luoto & Heidi Maria Huovinen, Co-founders & Designers


You can apply until 6.1.2021

"Visioning the opportunities between young forces and established manufacturers, Young Finnish Design is introducing revolutionary possibilities to the Finnish design scene."
-Young Finnish Designer Yi-Chiao Tien,
Aalto University

To apply, send us your portfolio, CV, contact information and a short motivation letter to Your portfolio may be in the form of a PDF or a link to your website. Please mention your Instagram-account among your contact information. If it is possbile, please reduce your file size and send it through Wetransfer. Here´s a link

We hope that in your motivation letter you explain why you are a good fit for our designer-portfolio!

The portfolio is for designers who are studying or have studied design in Finland. The portfolio is also for exchange students who have studied or are currently studying design in Finland. We have no age limit! By 'Young designer' we refer to a designer who is in the beginning stage of her/his career.

Remember that your application is nonbinding, meaning that we will make a contract separately with each designer after the curating process. So even if you would be selected to our portfolio, you are not obligated to begin in our service.

We cooperate with and during our service you will get a discount of their invoicing services!

We are excited to announce that Laura Sarvilinna, the Creative Director of Habitare fair and Petteri Kolinen CEO of Design Forum Finland will take part in the curating process together with the Young Finnish Design cofounders Elisa Luoto and Heidi Maria Huovinen. 
In the curating process we will emphasize on a bigger picture. We are looking for designers who have a strong personal design style, who actively forward their design career and who´s objective is to employ themselves and build a career as a designer. We are mainly looking for designers who are in the beginning of their career and who have a few designs in production or have none. But don´t stress about this, the aim of the service is to better your chances to find manufacturers to cooperate with.

Value of the service for the designer


We offer you a chance of an audience to key people in companies. Young designers have highlighted that arranging a meeting with the key people in the company has been especially difficult.

Without an agent or a manager who is representing the designer for them to manufacturers, the manufacturers and brands might not know much or at all about the nameless designer or about his/her strengths and therefore cooperation between a young designer and a company can be prevented.

When you are part of our Young Finnish Design portfolio we will represent you as a considerable designer in our meetings with companies. Our meetings open up a chance for you to be seen by the key people in the company. We highlight your strengths and credits for you so that you would have better chances to be noticed and remembered by that company and therefore have better chances to cooperate with them.


In the meetings we show your portfolio to the manufacturers and hear about their comments regarding your work. We will compose a report of the manufacturer ́s comments after each meeting. We will send the report to you in one month (the latest) after the meeting.


Young Finnish Design will take care of agreement negotiations with manufacturers and aims to negotiate as good agreements as possible so that the products would be forwarded to manufacturing and to markets. In the agreement negotiations we will use agreement models that are based on the agreement models written by Ornamo ry - Design Society in Finland taking care of designers interests. We aim to make the agreement and product development process as tempting and motivating as possible for both designers and manufacturers.


For us communication is the foundation for our service. We arrange regular video meetings with our designers and will have open discussion and communication with them to be able to provide them great service. We hope that also you are active so that we would be able to provide you a good experience.


We want to help you to plan your career and it ́s aims. Have you already thought about what are your aims for your career? What is your dream? During the Pilot 2. we go through your plan (online meetings) for your career to have a better understanding of your career goals. Our aim is to provide you help in achieving your goals. For us it is important to know what you want to achieve so that we would be able to provide you service that you need.


During Pilot 2. we aim to arrange factory visits, but we take into account the Pandemic situation.


Length of the service

6 months January 2021-June 2021


150 € / month
900 € / 6 months 

*Remember that if you have a company or if you are a freelancer you can deduct 24% of this amount in your taxes. It´s not about how much you get but how much you can deduct in taxes!


What does the service include

Young Finnish Design represents the designer and her/his work during the service period (6months). This means that Young Finnish Design represents the designer´s portfolio to manufacturers in Finland and abroad. The goal of the service is to better your chances to find companies to cooperate with by contacting manufacturers to arrange a meeting (face to face or online meeting) where we introduce you and your portfolio highlighting your assets. The service aims to introduce you and your work to companies so that they would know who you are as a designer and what your strengths are.


We will market you in our marketing channels to increase your visibility and chances to be noticed by companies. All the designers in our portfolio will also be added to our website. Our main marketing channel is Instagram but we are also active on FaceBook and LinkedIn and we write press releases about our designers. 

In short, we want manufacturers to know who you are, what are your skills and how to find you!

Did you know that now after our first Pilot (which lasted only for 3 months) 2 designers out of 10 are negotiating with a manufacturer about their designs! Waddup!

Need a little bit more information of our service?

Email us at
or call Elisa +358 50 540 0945
or Heidi +358 40 590 388 9

"This service is the best option currently available for young, recently 
graduated designers to be seen by decision makers in the furniture industry."
-Young Finnish Designer Zsuzsanna Horvath, Aalto University