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Designer, participate in design competition!

Young Finnish Design is organizing ‘New materials, New designs!’ VOL 2 design competition in order to find new product ideas for Finnish companies Unikulma and RD Physics. In this competition we challenge you to utilize ecological and sustainable materials by Sulapac and Hollolan Viilu & Laminaatti! Competition begins 1.12.2022 and ends 1.3.2023

Prizes 10 000 € !

In cooperation with
The City of Helsinki´s circular economy cluster, City of Vantaa, City of Espoo, NEVE Napapiirin energia & Vesi, Savonia, Kuopion Muotoiluakatemia


UNIKULMA main prize: Willehardt Gröhn, Lovi bedside table
RD Physics main prize: Matti Konttila, Uurre loud speaker

University of Lapland honorary awards:
Unikulma: Riina Kittilä, MOD50 -head board
RD Physics: Juuso Kiviniemi, Kolmikko loud speaker

Savonia University of Applied Sciences honorary awards:
Unikulma: Eeva-Liisa Hiltula, Enni Murtomäki, Decoratifs night stand
RD Physics: Martti Haavisto, Saturn loud speakers

Congratulations to all winners!


Competition assignments!

RD Physics

RD Physics is looking for a product idea that combines interior design and sound!
It could be a loudspeaker that functions also as an interior design element, a piece of furniture, a lamp, a decorative object, a work of art, an acoustic panel, etc. The product does not need to be a traditional box rather think outside the box. The loudspeaker needs electricity, either from a battery, a separate amplifier or a wall socket.

You may freely utilize plastic replacing materials by Sulapac and veneers and sheet products by Hollolan viilu ja laminaatti in your competition proposal. You can utilize Sulapac material like plastic but the biggest difference is that Sulapac material is ecological! Sulapac material can for example be 3D printed and transfer moulded. Hollolan Viilu & Laminaatti materials can be for example form pressed.

RD Physics Ltd is a leader in the circular economy of loudspeakers. There is an abundance of old loudspeakers discarded or sold very cheap every year, because demand for old models has diminished. It does not help if a product can be used forever if nobody wants it anymore. RD Physics tackles this issue by relying on remanufacturing with the help of 3D printing. In this context, remanufacturing means using the components and electronics from old loudspeakers and 3D printing a new enclosure for a new use-case. Obviously, the material of the new enclosure needs to be sustainable, too.

Link to RD Physics website


RD Physics is participating in new materials new designs design competition organized by young finnish design oy

RD Physics is looking for loudspeaker designs! Image by RD Physics




Create a headboard or bedside table for the Unikulma collection!
Unikulma is known for its quality and unbeatable sleeping ergonomics in beds. Unikulma's beds, which are individually tailored to the sleeper, are manufactured at our factory in Vantaa, and now we are looking for a headboard, bedside table or a similar solution for the bedroom, either as a unified whole or separately. 

Your suggestion can be a headboard, bedside table or something similar that solves the needs related to the bed's surroundings, for example storage of goods. Atmosphere and lighting can also be part of the proposal. Your proposal can be a whole or just one separate product, for example a bedside table. 

You are free to use Sulapac's plastic replacement products as well as Hollola's veneer and laminate veneers and other board products in your competition proposal. You can utilize Sulapac material like plastic but the biggest difference is that Sulapac material is ecological! Sulapac material can for example be 3D printed and transfer moulded. Hollolan Viilu & Laminaatti materials can be for example form pressed. You can also suggest other materials freely.

Unikulma's values ​​emphasize environmental friendliness and customer orientation. We want to offer our customers sustainable and high-quality solutions. You can get to know Unikulma on the website, by visiting our stores or our factory in Petikko, Vantaa. You can visit the stores during store opening hours and at the factory by making an appointment with Sauli Koivisto (sauli.koivisto at

Link to Unikulma website


unikulma is participating in new materials new designs design competition

Unikulma is looking for new product designs! Image by Unikulma



Material providers

New materials, New designs -design competition aims to forward emerging designers´ designs to production. One of the most important missions of this competition is also to forward products to markets that are designed and manufactured to utilize ecological and sustainable materials.

Read more about why Sulapac and Hollolan Viilu and Laminaatti companies are taking part in New materials, New designs -competition! Link

Read more about the materials


Hollolan Viilu & Laminaatti


hollolan viilu ja laminaatti offer their sustainable materials for new materials new design vol 2 competition

In this competition we challenge designers to utilize new materials in their proposals!
Image by Hollolan Viilu & Laminaatti 


Competition from 1.12.2022 until 1.3.2023

Competition results
The winners will be notified personally by the end of March 2023

Announcing the winners

The winners will be announced (publicly) by the end of April 2023




sulapac is participating in new materials new design competition and offers their ecological materials for designers to utilize in their proposals


We challenge designers to utilize Sulapac´s ecological materials in their proposals!
Image by Sulapac


How to deliver competition proposals 

The competition proposals need to be sent in digital format to by 1.3.2023 at 23.59 (compressed as zip file, max 10MB). You can make multiple proposals to more than one company. Please send all proposals separately. A competition proposal needs to include the following materials to be valid for evaluation:

-PDF format
-Landscape A3-size (use as many you need)
-Projection drawings of the competition proposal including main dimension and section in case it is relevant
-Rendered images (3D) which show how the product functions and is used (applies to all assignments)
-A description of the competition proposal which describes the idea, structure and material solutions (max 2000 characters including spaces), fit the description inside the A3 poster (applies to all assignments)
-Competition proposals are anonymous and you participate with an alias, write your alias to each page
-Please write your alias participant´s/participants´ name, education, contact information to the last (empty) page


Want to ask questions?

General questions regarding competition 

Questions regarding materials

Loredana Moimas, PhD
Chief Operating Officer

Hollolan Viilu & Laminaatti
Kaj Erik Kytönen
Customer relations and Chief of Marketing

Questions regarding manufacturing

RD Physics
Kim-Niklas Antin, CEO

Sauli Koivisto
Purchasing Manager




Sulapac is participating in new materials new designs competition by offering their sustainable materials for designers to utilize


Utilize sustainable materials in your design proposal!
Image by Sulapac




Selecting and awarding winners!

10 000 € shared between winners and honorary awards!
2 winners will be awarded, value of one prize is 3500 €
2 honorary awards for students and alumni of Savonia, value of one prize is 1000€
2 honorary awards to students and alumni of University of Lapland, value of one prize is 500€ 


Selection principles
Unikulma and RD Physics will choose all the winners
Design competition proposals need to demonstrate high quality product design know-how


The competition proposals are evaluated especially on following criteria
-design and design style
-durability and functionality of the product
-suitability for industrial production
-principles of sustainable development

-Make sure to consider the potential for commercial use and competitive pricing of the product



Competition rules

1 Organizers

Young Finnish Design Oy is organizing New materials, New designs - design competition in cooperation.

2 Aim of the competition

The aim of the competition is to find competition proposals according to the competition assignments. The competition aims to find products that would suit for Unikulma and RD Physics manufacturing and collections.

3 Right to participate

New materials, New designs - design competition is an open competition organized in Finland. Primarily the competition is targeted to designers who are in the beginning of their career despite their age. You may participate if you are studying or you have studied design in Finland including exchange students. The competition languages are both Finnish and English. You may participate as an individual or as a team. 

4 Selection principals

Awarded design competition proposal needs to demonstrate high quality product design know-how. The selection is based on how the proposal follows the assignment. The award committees are focusing on design, innovation in product design, manufacturing methods, material choices, durability of the product and clarity.

5 Exluding proposals & returning the proposals

Proposals will be excluded from the competition if they are delivered after the deadline or are not equivalent to the instructions of the competition program. Exclusion of proposals are decided by the award committees. Competition organizer will not return competition proposals. Competition organizer is committed to destroy the digital material of competition proposals after the competition has ended. Competition organizer has no right to utilize any competition material delivered by the participants without separate written agreement excluding the awarded competition proposals.

6 Awards & announcements 

10 000 € will be divided between the winners and honorary awards the following way: 2 winners will be awarded , prize / one award is 3500€, 2 honorary awards will be handed out for students and alumni of Savonia, value of one prize is 1000€, 2 honorary awards will be handed out for students and alumni of University of Lapland, value of one prize is 500€. Awards are paid through invoice for the winners one month after the results have been announced. Note that the award money is not tax free income for the designer. 

7 Utilization and immaterial property rights of the proposals

All immaterial property rights of the competition proposals belong to the designer/designers. In case there is a team participating in the competition, the persons in the team need to make a written agreement between each other about how the rights are divided between the team members. Participating companies have the right to negotiate about utilization, manufacturing, marketing and sales rights of the competition proposals with the designer/designers and Young Finnish Design Oy. Negotiations need to take place within six months after the competition results have been announced.

Young Finnish Design Oy will negotiate agreements between companies and designers in collaboration with designers. Young Finnish Design Oy has no right to negotiate agreements without designer´s consent. Young Finnish Design Oy is taking part in the agreement negotiations in order to make the negotiations effortless from both manufacturers´ and designers´ point of view. Participants assure that the proposal does not offend someone else´s rights according to the participants´ knowledge and is not a copy of any public design model. If the participant wants to protect his/her competition proposal, for example, with design model protection it is the participant´s responsibility to do so.

8 Agreement of manufacturing

Agreement negotiations of utilization of the awarded proposal will be held between designer/designers, the manufacturer taking part in the competition and Young Finnish Design Oy. Collaboration products will be named Customer x Young Finnish Design, designed by X-designer. The purpose of this is to highlight the value of collaboration in bringing new Finnish design to markets and the value of Finnish designers creating the future of Finnish design today.

9 Award commitee

Winners will be chosen by the representatives of each company who have written particular competition assignments. Award committees agree on the competition program and rules.

10 Competition representative

Elisa Luoto, CEO of Young Finnish Design Oy operates as competition representative. The task of the competition representative is to gather the competition proposals for award committees and to answer inquiries concerning the competition. Nominated competition representative does not belong to the award committees and has no right to vote.

11 Competition program

The competition timetable, participation conduct, presentation requirements of the competition proposal(s), enrollment and award amounts of the competition are described in the competition program. 

12 Responsibility of proposals

The competition organizers are responsible for the safety of the competition proposals after receiving them. 

13 Assurance of familiarizing oneself with the competition program

By participating in the competition the contestant approves the competition rules, the competition program, and the terms and obligations of the competition and also confirms that he/she owns all rights concerning the competition proposal.

14 Disagreements

Possible disagreements will be solved in cooperation with the award committees