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BOL glass vase is designed by a talented young designer Minna Kemppainen from Hyrynsalmi, Finland. 

All pieces are signed by the designer Minna Kemppainen herself. The vase is handmade in Nuutajärvi, in Finland, by a talented glass blower Otto Koivuranta. When the product is handmade it means, that all the pieces are slightly different from each other but they are made according to the designer´s standards.

"I was inspired by strong lines and geometric shapes. I wanted to create something clear and simple, minimalist even. So, simple shapes were combined together and then I added some of my boldness. BOL vase is unique and gets your attention." -Minna Kemppainen, Designer

Product information
Material: glass
height: 30 cm 
widest part 14 cm 
width of the bottom: 12 cm 
The thickness of the glass differs from 5mm - 9mm since and all the pieces are unique and handmade by a professional.

Photos by Esa Kapila